photo 1Coco is a twelve year old girl.  She lives happily with her mom, dad, sister Lilly, grandma, and two kitties.  Coco is diagnosed with both autism and atypical Rett Syndrome.  Her mom and dad always knew there was a lot more going on her head than the “experts” told them.  After years of searching, they found Rapid Prompting Method, or RPM.  RPM is not a communication system, but a method of academic instruction that leads to communication.  RPM was created by Soma Mukhopadhyay.  Soma has an RPM clinic in Austin, Texas.  Coco was lucky enough to get to work with Soma for a few sessions in July, 2015, and her parents were able to catch a glimpse of the clever mind hidden silently inside Coco.  Coco’s mom read Soma’s books (available on Amazon), scoured You Tube and Facebook for tips and videos, and Coco’s real education was finally underway.  In September, 2015, Coco was able to tell her mom she wanted to be a WITCH for Halloween.  The desires, ideas, questions, and insights kept flowing from there.  This blog is a place for Coco to share her thoughts.  It’s also meant to keep our wonderful friends and family caught up with Coco’s progress.  We hope you enjoy sharing Coco’s journey with her.

Note:  In the posts, Coco’s words will be all capitalized, as Coco is still in the early stages of RPM and is writing by pointing a pencil at alphabet stencil boards, which are all capitalized and lack punctuation.  Mom’s comments will be in italics.


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  1. Jennifer Utz- Worsfold says:

    Hi Jess,
    I sent a note to Coco but am unsure if it sent. Please let me know if it did not. I hope to see you soon. Spent time with Joanne yesterday and she filled me in. You are nothing but amazing! All of you!

    Love to everyone,


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